Saturday, December 8, 2012

Air Cargo Market

According to the Boeing Long-Term Market Development study, the air cargo market has been growing with an average rate of 5.5% since 1980. The study also states that "Air cargo traffic growth, measured in revenue tonne-kilometers (RTK), is projected to average 5.2 percent over the next 20 years." There seems to be many opportunities of research and business in the air cargo. One topic that I am interested in is the air cargo network design. Similar to passenger air networks which benefit from hub-and-spoke structure, air cargo networks can do the same if demand remains growing. Today, large air cargo companies have already chosen a hub for their service. For example, Memphis, TN is the main of the FedEx Express. The question is where the optimal location for placing a hub for air cargo is? How different air cargo demand is from the air passenger demand? and so on.

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