Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crime Concentration: Ranking of CTA Train Stops

Using the same logic as in the previous post, I ranked CTA stops based on their crime concentration (type: battery in year 2008 only) at different spatial scales: circles with radius of 0.25, 0.5, and 1 mile around each stop.

For the 0.25-mile circle around the stop, following is a list of the unsafest CTA train stations:

1 King Drive (Cottage Grove-bound)
2 Wilson (95th-bound)
3 Cottage Grove (Terminal arrival)
4 Central (63rd-bound)
5 Howard (Terminal arrival)
6 Ashland/63rd (Harlem-bound)
7 Pulaski (Forest Pk-bound)
8 Chicago/Franklin (Kimball-Linden-bound)
9 Lawrence (95th-bound)
10 Lake/State (95th-bound)

For the 1-mile circle, representing the safety of the neighborhood around the CTA stop, following is a list of the unsafest stations:

1 Laramie (63rd-bound)
2 Ashland/63rd (Harlem-bound)
3 Conservatory (63rd-bound)
4 Cicero (63rd-bound)
5 Pulaski (Forest Pk-bound)
6 Halsted/63rd (Ashland-bound)
7 Pulaski (63rd-bound)
8 Kedzie-Homan (Forest Pk-bound)
9 Central (63rd-bound)
10 Central Park (54th/Cermak-bound)

Interestingly, the two lists are very different. While Laramie, Ashland/63rd, and Conservatory are the unsafest CTA stations with regard to the safety of the 1-mile neighborhood around the station, those stops do not appear in the other list. This suggests that safety characteristics of the neighborhood around a CTA station could be different from the CTA station itself. The graph on the left shows the crime densities of 1-mile circle vs. 0.25-mile circle. Each point represents a CTA station. There is a clear pattern in the data which suggests that for most of the cases, the area closer to the stations have higher crime density (type battery only).

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