Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Integration of Land Use & Tranport Planning in Victoria, Australia

Check out the following presentation slides on the integration of land use and transportation planning in Victoria, Australia:

"The Victorian Transport Plan is based on an integrated approach to transport and land use planning. The VTP and Melbourne @ 5 million bring together future transport and land use decisions to:
  • Increase development and job opportunities through strategic transport investment
  • Develop future housing in the established areas of Melbourne along the tram and rail network
  • Invest in new transport links to promote more jobs closer to new housing in Melbourne’s fast-growing west and north
  • Take pressure off the city and inner Melbourne by facilitating substantial employment growth at six designated Central Activities Districts (CADs), and along employment corridors in middle and outer areas
  • Support Melbourne’s growth areas with high capacity public transport links, nominating CADs, creating employment corridors and investigating the proposed extension of the Urban Growth Boundary
  • Support regional population growth through significant investment in more transport services that link regional centers to Melbourne and smaller towns to regional cities."
- Victorian Transport Plan 

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