Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reproducibility Initiative on Transportation and Traffic Phenomena

Inspired by the Reproducibility Initiative in psychology launched by Science Exchange, PLOS ONE, figshare, and Mendeley, I think there is a need to start a similar work to verify the reproducibility of some of the transportation and traffic phenomena. For example, transportation journals could announce a call for papers for a special issue on "reproducibility". The ideal initiative would be a world-wide collaborative project that first identifies some of the main phenomena/effects that need to be verified and then different research groups work together to collect/obtain new data and examine the reproducibility of the selected phenomena.
"It’s time to start rewarding the people who take the extra time to do the most careful and reproducible work. Current academic incentives place an emphasis on novelty, which comes at the expense of rigor...we believe that the scientific consensus on the most robust, as opposed to simply the most cited, work is a valuable signal to help identify high quality reproducible findings that can be reliably built upon to advance scientific understanding." - Reproducibility Initiative

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