Friday, July 11, 2014

Racial Segregation: Chicago, Washington D.C., and Melbourne

Comparison of racial/ethnic diversity in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Melbourne

In all three maps, blue color refers to white. Other colors such as green, orange, red, yellow, etc represent non-white (e.g. Asian, Hispanic, Black, etc.). Chicago actually consists of largely segregated pockets of black, Hispanic, and white people. Washington D.C. is even worse where half of the city is white, the other half is black. However, Melbourne seems pretty mixed. Note that white is the dominant race in Melbourne (more than 70%) and non-white population in Chicago and D.C. are much larger than in Melbourne. As the non-white population in Melbourne increases, I can't tell whether Melbourne will remain mixed in the coming decades or will take the same path as some American cities had taken.

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