Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monash City Science web analytics by Google Analytics

Web analytics (thanks to Google Analytics) are quite interesting and addictive to follow. During the past week, my research webpage has had 1,695 views from 1,093 viewers mainly because of releasing two new visualizations. 70% of the viewers were from Melbourne, 5% from Sydney, 1.5% from Brisbane, 1% from Canberra, and the rest from different cities in and out of Australia. On average every viewers spent 1 minute and 6 seconds surfing around the page, perhaps interacting with the visualizations.

This is all great to know because I now have a better understanding of where the majority of my audience are and whether really people interact with my maps. I think one minute interaction time is a pretty good number.

Since the beginning, when I first launched the website in June 2014, I have had 27,865 views from 16,304 viewers: 46% from Melbourne, 6% from Sydney, 3% from Brisbane, 2% from London, and the rest from other cities including Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth.

I wonder if we develop a visualization for Sydney or Brisbane, are we going to get more viewers from those cities? I would say yes, probably.

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