Sunday, May 17, 2015

Victoria Connect: Crowd-sourced powered infrastructure asset management

I am very delighted to announce that we have recently published the BETA version of our new app on Google Play (for Android devices only for now). 

Victoria Connect helps Victorian residents make their neighborhood works better by reporting issues such as potholes, damaged signs, signal malfunction, unsafe locations, crashes, near-crashes, debris on the road, dead animal, etc.

Reports are collected and archived at a database hosted at Monash University for research purposes. This is part of the Transport Infrastructure Decision Support Platform being developed at Monash University.

If you have an Android device, I would appreciate if you install the app on your device and help us collect some data and make the app works better by providing feedback.

Our goal is to involve local governments, city councils, etc in this project. We would also like to take a step further, integrating the crowd-sourced and authoritative data for a better resource allocation in asset management, resulting in improved service to citizens.

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